Team History

Our team began as a rookie team during the 2017-2018 FTC season, Relic Recovery. During that season, we were part of a second place tournament alliance, a fourth place tournament alliance, and were a Motivate award finalist. During the current season, Rover Ruckus, we have become a first place qualifying tournament captain, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award winner, a Control Award winner, as well as a 3rd place Inspire Award winner. Since many of our members plan on going into STEM careers, we wanted to be an all female team. We also want to strongly encourage other girls to pursue careers in STEM, since we find it to be so much fun!

Team Members


Katie Miller is a sophomore at Eagan High School. She is a competitive dancer at Betty Jo’s Dance Center, studies Taekwondo at Fusion Martial Arts, and enjoys writing, playing, and performing music. Katie’s favorite subjects in school are biology and chemistry, and she would one day like to go into medicine, politics, or education. This is Katie’s third year as part of the Confidential Team.


Kennedy Benish is a sophomore at Eagan High School. She plays volleyball for Northern Lights as a middle/right side. She also enjoys drawing, photography, and of course, engineering. Kennedy helps with the physical build of the robot and loves the problem solving portion of robotics. This is her third year on an FTC robotics team, and she can’t wait to see Marvin in action. 


Lily Fandre is a sophomore at Eagan High School. She plays basketball for Eagan and runs track in the spring. Lily also enjoys drawing, writing, and playing the violin and guitar in her free time. Her favorite subject in school is math, which plays a big role in her love of engineering. This is Lily’s third year on an FTC robotics team and she can't wait for more years to come!


Lottie Peterson is a sophomore at Eagan High School. A geek at heart, she enjoys fantasy novels, theater, and singing in her spare time. She also plays ultimate frisbee during the spring as a handler. Her favorite subjects in school are math, choir, and AP computer science. She is interested in becoming a software developer one day. Lottie programs for the team, but does assist with the physical build. This is Lottie’s third year in FTC and she can’t wait to see Marvin competing in Skystone!

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