Rover Ruckus

Game Summary

     Marvin is back at it again for his second season, Rover Ruckus! He now features a 3D printed silver mineral hopper to pick up the silver minerals laying on the field or partially into the crater. It is attached to an arm to allow for reach into the crater and up into the lander. A trolley moves the arm up and down a ramp that spans the length of the robot. This combination of the arm and trolley system allows for the robot to intake minerals and deposit minerals into the lander without having to turn around. 

     To land and latch to and from the crater, Marvin uses a rack and pinion lift system. He still rocks the holonomic drivetrain to allow for him to go in any direction at any time, without having to turn. He also uses the camera on the phone to sample the gold mineral during the autonomous period.


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